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Victim Games Music Video



"This world has been consumed by computerized music, and I had almost given up on finding any music that I could enjoy listening to and a band that I could honestly promote. Then I discovered Last Great Summer, and suddenly everything changed. What first caught my ear were the beautiful guitar riffs artfully blended with the powerful voice of their vocalist in their original, "Restart". The lyrics moved me in a way that I never thought would be possible in modern music. This rings true in all of their originals; every song that they write has deep, meaningful, and powerful lyrics that I believe anyone can find a way to connect to. It's undeniable that each member has an immense amount of talent, and it shines in every song. They blend every part of their music so beautifully and perfectly and with a creative flare that you just can't find in any other band. And that creativity doesn't only exist in their originals. John Lennon's "Imagine" was "re-imagined" after they did an amazing cover that not only competes with the original in musical beauty, but brings an unexpected rhythm change that gives it a modern flare. Last Great Summer has brought back the true meaning behind music. They have natural talent that redefines modern music and reminds us of what it means to be an artist."

Tereasa says...

EP Release

Austin Texas - TBA

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